Located in Central City, Illinois
Located in Central City, Illinois
Full Spectrum
Static Pod

This Full Spectrum Static Pod V2 will pickup on Negative and positive static as well as emf charges in the air. Approx pickup is around 4-6ft away. Red indicates neg charge while Green indicates Net/Pos/Emf detection. Blue indicates the positive charge. Purple/Pink indicates that the unit has baselines and is not picking up on any charge. The unit will also produce veriation in different colors which indicate different distances from the device. New Look and high quality parts used. Runs off of 1-9 volt battery.


Now We have improved the Visibility of our device for Night Vision Cameras. No longer have paper labels on this device!!!

REMHD is our newest handheld device. It features a 4 Led display to alert you of the energies around the device. With the advanced microprocessor, this unit self-calibrates every 5 seconds. Raising the antenna often makes the unit more sensitive, this a lot of the times causes the processor to re calibrate the unit. If all the LED's stay lit for a period of 5 seconds, be sure the unit will respond and re calibrate the unit. This device has 3 modes, 2 of the which can be put into by a push of a button. Default mode is proximity mode, and press the button will put the device into music mode. this also detects energies but instead of a constant tone, it will play music, higher the note, closer the energy is and lower the note, further away the energy detection is. This unit can act as a trigger object detector by using a set of alligator clamps, just clamp on the antenna and onto any metal object. This device is also armed with an emf/static meter. Measuring the electro-static and emfs, the blue bar graph will began to light up and when it becomes highly active it will light up into the red zone. Were not done there as we have included an Temperature gauge on this bad boy. Giving you accurate temp in either Celsius or Fahrenheit this unit can get the job done. We have also thought of safety in mind and have included an bright 5mm white led flashlight. this way you don't stumble in the dark. And to top off all that we have included an tripod mount so you can mount this device in an area and leave it set. To power this is a 9 volt battery so get ready to meet your next level gauge in the paranormal ghost hunts.

Note: Battery in photo is for demonstration only and is not included in the purchase of this product.

ESP (Energy

Brand new with highly sensitive static/emf/energy sensor, this pod can detect up 2 12ft+ in distance. Giving you the strength on a bar meter. The meter has been designed to give you the effect from further to close to the antenna. so when it starts to detect, the blue leds will begin to light up being the furthest distance it can detect all way to just one red led lit up without sound, being the strongest energy surrounding the pod. it can detect in 360 degree so it cannot point to where the energy is without multiple pods. This pod will sound alarm when it first starts to detect. Running off one 9-volt battery.

New on V1.2, The buzzer has been reconfigured, So what will happen is once the circuit starts to detect, the buzzer will start to alarm you with a very low tone sounding like electricity, but when all the leds light up, which is half way point of detection, the buzzer will be fully alerting you sounding like electricity, and beyond this point the buzzer will still alert you all way til the single led near the antenna is lit. Now the buzzer may change to a beep sound once the circuit detects more than half the energy. This is decided by the buzzer control chip.

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Red Pod

Tone Generator Mode

Proximity Mode

NEW Feature!!! Now comes with a removable Antenna for better Portability

Automatic Calibration

Trigger object Mode Included with Cable

Upgraded to on June 1, 2017, the Newly replaced (Red Pods) circuit is being replaced by this Red Energy Field Meter circuit. Like before, we offer the Tone Generator mode (Music) and the Proximity mode. But what is new is it now comes with a cable that you can use in conjunction with a 12" pizza pan or any metal object. This allows the pod to calibrate its self into High Detection mode which is great for alerting you of any energy change around the object that is your trigger object. When your done with the trigger object mode, then just simply replace the cable and place the antenna back into the metal jack and then the device will re-calibrate its self and lower the sensitive so the device can be use as normal again.

Infrasonic Ghost

Test Product Comming Soon

Micro Red

Tone Generator Mode

Proximity Mode

NEW Feature!!! Now comes with a removable Antenna for better Portability

Automatic Calibration

Just like our big pods, the micro red pod features everything that our big pod does except the trigger object detection. even though its programmed 2, we just don't offer the kit with it. Like before, we offer the Tone Generator mode (Music) and the Proximity mode.

Paratronics Store
Mr. D

This device can detect up 2 16 feet radius, Working off the radar technology, no pir sensors, nor thermal sensors, nor is there any capacitance circuits, so this is brand new to the field.

Mr. D is a new type of sensor as it detects in the frequencies between 10hz to 20ghz. This is a very sensitive and highly accurate sensor and has been now been tested in the field. It features a low tone alarm, activity indicator, and a power led. One button touch to turn on/ hold 3 sec to turn off. Very user friendly. Put in a area where u might think activity is and watch and see if it captures the motion