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What Lurks Within The Invisible
By: Joseph Campbell/Gotcha

Spirits exist on many frequencies
or dimensions other than our
own.  These dimensions also
contain frequencies of light
unseen by the human eye.  All
cameras can pick up some IR and
UV light and that is why ghosts
have been photographed since
the begin of modern
photography. But we at sight
have the equipment to see into
these other dimensions or
frequencies of light.
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*Full Residential Investigations
*Full Commercial Investigations
*Privacy Level Provided
*Professional Personnel
*Professional annalist service for
unsure evidence
*Advice and group Support
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Facebook Sight (News Feed)
Call us for an investigation at:
(309) 244-5693
Sight was created to help those who need help to understand the paranormal.  Our team is trained to deal with
Phenomena experiences.  With our high tech. Equipment, and the trained personnel our team is ready to serve you.  The
team expects nothing in return, were just wanting every person who has paranormal to feel comfortable in their own
home.  If any negative paranormal exists then we will do what we can with the equipment we have to help get rid of them.  

Sight was founded November 2010.  The team was founded because of the paranormal experiences we have had.  
Some of our members would like to experience the paranormal and some of us has lived with it.  No matter what we are
here to help our client with any paranormal problems.  I can say as combined experience we have 25+ years of
contacting the other side.

Sight, when we investigate, we always look for alternative explanations for what the claim might be.  When we enter the
location, we usually gander and take in all the scenery, then we usually, at this point will like to perform interviews, take
tours, and we also like to take base readings so we can compare the data with what we find at night.  Then we talk every
detail over with the entire team and we plan the investigation.  Then our equipment tech will setup the dvr cameras.  
When it gets dark its usually lights out so we can get to work.  Our investigations last anywhere from 6-10 hours
depending on the size of place and what the claims are and the area we have to cover.  Then we break down all the
equipment when we have collected enough evidence, including video, audio, thermal, temp, etc.  Then when all the
equipment is loaded, we tell our client how long we shall analyze the evidence.  Then within the next few days our analyst
team goes over all the evidence and compare it to the history and find the answers our client seeks.  

Then the day comes to reveal the data and history we have carefully went over, The team leader and another member of
the team will then go over step-by-step on what happened, any personal experience, and the video and/or audio
evidence.  Then we try and look at and explain exactly what is going on so our clients feel comfortable on what is going
If your looking for answers and you want our team to investigate your location, we have the equipment to investigate
Residential and small to medium commercial buildings, depending on the amount of cameras needed, we are
equipped with high quality equipment and custom equipment, and we Handel any case with great professional ease.  
We are ready for anyone who is ready to receive answers, whether its paranormal or debunked as something that
might have been missed.  We guarantee to find the answers, weather is by our evidence or by locating someone
who can give us the answers your looking for.  Thanks for trusting Sight, with 20 years of combined experience in
the paranormal field.  To contact us call 309-244-5693, or email us at, leave a
detailed voice mail, or a description of what all is going on, and I or one of the team members will get back to you
asap.  Your safety is number one.-
Alan Whitmore
Founder of Sight
Lead Investigator
Open Position
Case Manager /
Tim Kellems
Analyst /
Heaven Farthing
Ops /
Denia Phillips
Case Manager /
Meet the Crew
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How our services work for you!
Lets say you call us, and leave a message on our answering services, then your wondering
why you have called us and wonder what were going to say?  I'm letting you know every one
of us has had an encounter with the unknown, and were all seeking answers.  We are glad
you called us and were always excited to help our clients out.  

So now that you have called us, we have already sent your message to all our members as
our answering services  has allowed us to record your message and notify us immediate.  
While you wait, were reviewing your message and trying to figure out the best method of
investigation for you.  

And then our case manager is now going to call you back and maybe chat with you, or you may
get a call from our Lead Investigator to further the details of your case.  Now if we have
enough info from ya, were going to try and set up a date to test all the claims against our
professional equipment to verify or debunk what has been seen or heard.  

So now we have a date to investigate, its important to keep this date as happenings can
worsen if not taken care of.  We show up on the date, Sign our paperwork to allow us in your
home with our cameras and audio gear to see if we capture the happenings. We wire up your
home and then wait till dark(ish) to get started.  Note we usually like to investigate between
sunset till around 2am, so be prepared. We encourage our clients to be present at the
investigations as we may have other questions that our client may know the answer.

So now that we have collected enough evidence, we must now pack our gear and get back
with ya, usually takes 7-10 days to go over evidence and make sure we have our facts right.  
So as we make you a copy of all the evidence, we must now set up a day to show you what we
captured and figure out how to handle the claims.

So please if you don't want our team to help ya, call a local team to help as matters are at
Why was Sight Created?
Looking for Answers?
Brian Lowe
Equipment Mgr. /
Cherokee Ray
/ Investigator
Open Position
Research Tech /
An on-site investigations to the paranormal
world to disprove the unknown and to tap into
what we can't see